Life Coaching for Parents
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Rosalind Cutler MA ICF Certified Parenting Coach, specializing in life coaching for families in transition

Is coaching for you? FAQs

Growing up is one change after another – for parents and for children. The job of being a parent requires great adaptability and a constant reevaluation of boundaries...


Purposeful Parenting Coaching Packages

Getting Started: I usually start with a 30 minute meeting (or talk on the phone) with you for us to go over your expectations and to make sure that we feel sure we can work together.


A bit about me

 I am a member of the International Coach Federation and an Associate...


What is Life Coaching and how can it help me and my family?

Hello.  Thank you for visiting my website.  I am currently undertaking research for a MSc in Psychology - I'm studying feelings of belonging among globally mobile populations.  I'm not available for coaching sessions until the end of the year.... if you want to keep in touch please do so via my facebook page.  

The Catastrophe Catch

It is very common for people to catastrophise. This means we have a tendency to turn things…


“The only thing we have the consistent power to change is ourselves. We’re free to alter how…

Manage Your Moves

As a Life Coach with my own often difficult experiences of expat life, I know moving to a…